Plaza Robles Mission Statement


It is the mission of Plaza Robles High School to provide a unique educational setting to assist students in reaching their academic and personal goals.  The school promotes respect for cultural diversity and inspires integrity and respect of self and others. The Plaza Robles staff provides alternative strategies for students to access the curriculum. These classroom practices foster intellectual and social development and engage students in problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills, and learning activities that make the subject matter relevant to daily life. Furthermore, through the daily incorporation of our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes, we equip students with the skills and knowledge that empower them to be ethical, literate, responsible, and contributing members of their community.                                     

Security Update

In an effort to maintain a safe and secure campus the front door to the office at Plaza Robles will remain locked throughout the school day. We ask that visitors ring the bell located just to the right of the doors. This will alert the office staff to your presence. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in our efforts to maintain a safe and secure campus. 

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Plaza Robles High School students will demonstrate Literacy, Mastery, and Responsibility:

Literate Students will

  • Be able to speak, write and read Standard English.
  • Be able to read, comprehend and ...more
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